Merging Tradition and Innovation



Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the value of craftsmanship at Eclipse Building Corp. We’ve discussed the high cost of cutting corners and how modern construction principles are creating disposable homes. We’ve even highlighted a few of our favorite historical buildings in Tampa.

Although we value craftsmanship tremendously, we don’t want you to think we live in the land where time and technology stood still. Yes, there are some aspects of the profession that remain uniquely human. But the true beauty of modern construction is when you are able to marry quality craftsmanship with modern innovation.

Let’s face it, technology is transforming everything – including the construction industry. To resist the advantages that technology provides would be irresponsible. As contractors, we aim to provide the best value to our customers, and technology has a huge role in that. From using 3D technology in restoration processes to taking advantage of the latest project management apps to increase efficiency and effectiveness, technology plays a pivotal role in everything we do. It would be detrimental to business to insist on doing everything the old-school way.

From facilitating communication to sustainable building practices with ‘green’ technology, identifying new technologies and tools that can make the process better and implementing them is our priority.

Nevertheless, our goal is always to use the technology to serve us, not the other way around. We will never compromise quality for the latest gadget, or replace human interaction with an automated process. By using technology, we better connect teams and find ways to help the owners, subcontractors and design teams visualize the project, anticipate issues and make better-informed decisions.

Embracing changing technology, lean processes and new construction materials and techniques is important, but cannot deter from the value of the craft. In a time in which younger, tech-focused people are joining the workforce, we need to reinstate the value of craftsmanship and how to marry tradition with innovation without negating either.

Craftsmanship is a mindset. It is care and concern and pride in one’s work. Once you have people who are using their talents to cultivate their craft, equipping them with modern tools, equipment and training can only further develop the craft. At the end of the day, it’s all about also delivering the highest-quality building product to our clients.
From start to finish, we work intimately with clients through every phase of their projects to ensure the finished product is everything they imagine…and more. Contact us today to discuss how we can support you.