We’re Not in the 1990s Anymore: A New Era in Construction

Modern office skyscrapers. Hong Kong night. Asia

Have any of you been to CineBistro in South Tampa yet? If you have, you know you’ll never go back to a regular movie theater. If you haven’t, know that you can enjoy full service dining (fancy cocktail and linen napkins included), as you watch the newest film release. And a waiter will bring it to you at your seat, too; so no awkward balancing of trays from your part is required. Don’t worry about this interrupting your movie. Everyone’s orders are brought to them before the previews even start.

This whole experience is part of how innovation has taken over our lives; and it has affected not only how we choose to be entertained, but how we purchase our goods and services as well. Long gone is the Sears catalog and say goodbye to big box retail. Innovation is the mainstream now and those that choose to embrace it will flourish.

This is because buying online has become the norm, thanks to giant retailers like eBay and Amazon, which have contributed to the shut-down of major department stores nationwide. From groceries to plane tickets, people click a few times from the comfort of their couch. There’s no real need to get our purchases as if were still 1999. And since huge commercial buildings are closing, why would younger people be encouraged to go into this industry?

What is a construction company to do? Build more places that allow for innovation like CineBistro’s. Gone are the days of sitting in a hard, stiff chair for two hours with a bag of greasy pop-corn [cue the black and white images from infomercials exaggerating how bad we had it back then]. People are focusing more on the shopping experience rather than buying.

In order to stay relevant (and to stay in business), commercial construction has to center on providing an extraordinary shopping experience for patrons. High-end components have become the common denominators at restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping malls in their quests to remain competitive. It’s what will keep shoppers coming back to a brick-and-mortar retail space, and construction companies need adjust accordingly.

Good thing Eclipse Building Corp has adjusted with the times. So if you’re thinking of revamping the interior of your commercial space for something more modern and innovative, you might want to check us out. Don’t say later that I didn’t warn you.