Walabots: The Coolest Tool in Town


How many of you remember being in college and trying to hang up stuff on a wall? Sometimes, it would hold up. Other times, you’d hit a beam and it was frustrating as hell trying to figure out where would be the right place to nail something.

Now that we are older and (hopefully) wiser, we know that behind all that plaster lies a covered world of wood beams, studs, insulation, and electrical wiring; and unless you want to run the risk of causing some damage, you better know where all of them are located. The last thing you need is to burst a water pipe while drilling into a wall. So what can you do to get things done and keep wires and pipes intact?

As usual, there’s an app for that.  

         But it’s not something you download. Walabots are a gadget that you physically install to your phone, then slide over your walls to see where everything is located. It’s exactly like taking x-rays of your home or business. And it doesn’t matter if it’s drywall or concrete, this nifty little tool gets the job done.

Now, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all Walabot for every type of project. Depending on whether you just want to install basic decoration in your home or whether you’re remodeling your business, there are different models to choose from.

How is it helpful beyond telling you where to hang a picture?

         Knowing where to hammer a nail is just where the fun begins. Using radio frequency (RF) waves and algorithms, Walabots also analyze materials, which is extremely useful in any renovation project. And here’s the gross part: if there are rodents or roaches inside your walls, Walabots will detect them too. And don’t you want to get rid of those critters before they affect your business?

Fun Facts

As if making your renovation project easier and more efficient weren’t enough, you can even use this tool to determine the composition of liquids. Wanna impress your buddies by telling them the exact alcohol content of their beverage? Scan it with a Walabot. Take bets first, to make it more interesting.

If you’re doing something minor, have fun with it. But if you’re thinking of remodeling your business, leave the logistics to the experts. At Eclipse Building Corp., we can take your vision to reality (and we’ll use Walabots when we have to).

Contact us, and let’s talk about your renovation project. You’ll be glad you did.