Tampa’s New Baby: Water Street

If you’ve driven on the 275 in the past year, you’ve likely noticed the black billboards with simple words in white: Water Street Tampa. Depending on your type of personality, you might barely notice them. Or you might see them, wonder what they are, and keep driving. Or you might be the most awesome kind of the bunch: When you got home, you looked it up online.

If you’re in that last group, surely you’ve seen the amazingness that awaits downtown. It’s not just that they’re constructing a new office building (where’s the fun in that? There are already so many). We’re talking about an entire mixed use complex that in addition to office space, will feature luxury hotels, apartment rentals, condos for sale, and even a portion of USF. It’s like a city within a city; but even better, because there are already so many restaurants, museums, libraries, and things to do downtown, that who’ll need a car?

What this means for the city of Tampa

         As discussed in our blog about the TPA airport expansion, new construction signifies a boom in the economy. And at the very heart of it all, as usual, is the construction industry. Think about the domino effect (the good kind) that a project like this one entails: the massive amounts of jobs for people working within the project: construction workers, all type of contractors, engineers, and architects. All the people who lease office space and/or rent or buy a home will have to eat somewhere: Hello, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, and farmers markets! Same goes for entertainment: All these people will still want to go to festivals, movie theaters, plays… No matter how you look at it, a project of this scale can only mean one thing: the construction industry goes hand in hand with a healthy economy.

Ok. So we’ll have a bigger international airport and a massive revitalization of our downtown area. This only means one thing: Tampa is booming. If there ever was a time to get started on that construction or renovation project you’ve been thinking about, it is now.

At Eclipse Building Corp. we’d be ecstatic to guide you through the entire process. Contact us and let’s talk about what you have in mind. Strike while that iron is hot.