How Wearable Technology is Transforming Construction

We’re all used to technology taking over every aspect of our lives: We can ask Siri for directions when we’re lost. We can tell Alexa to play our favorite music while we work. FitBit will tell us how many steps we take in a day, and even gives us a report on the quality of our sleep. And now it’s also revolutionizing the construction industry. Below are some of the products that are showing us that the future is now.

  1. Smart helmets: As if smart phones weren’t enough, now construction workers get to wear protective headgear that will provide them with intuitive instructions that will assist them to work in a more efficient, faster way. They’ll also get temperature data and information about what’s going on in the surrounding job site.
  1. Smart boots: Are you starting to see a trend here? Everything seems to be smart now. With SolePower smart boots, construction workers can be alerted of unsafe environmental conditions. Employees get to stay safe, and employers get to limit their legal exposure due to potential work related accidents.
  1. Smart glasses: So glasses have always had a reputation of adorning smart people’s faces. In addition to that fame, within our industry, they’ve been essential to protect workers’ eyes. Daqri has now designed a pair of smart glasses that distribute information from the office to the job site. So not only do they protect our eyes, they also assist in an almost instant relay of information.
  1. Smart vests: In addition to making their working conditions more enjoyable due to their efficiency, workers now get to have a trusty life saver on their shoulders: smart vests can measure their heart rate and body temperature and alert the user of any foreseeable health issues. This is not only smart, it’s an invaluable gadget that family members of construction workers will appreciate.

At Eclipse Building Corp., we pride ourselves not only on the excellence we provide in pre-construction services all the way to post-completion maintenance, but also on staying updated on technology that positively impacts the construction industry. Contact us and let’s talk about your construction or renovation project. You’ll be glad you did.