How To Avoid Construction Delays


Raise your hand if you like having things completed on time. Also raise your hand if you’ve ever changed your mind about anything.

Every single one of us has made a decision, only to make modifications down the road. And that’s fine. But when it comes to the construction industry, each change of heart may result in significant delays and increasing your costs. So in order to stay on schedule and on budget, it is crucial that you brainstorm all possible outcomes and be as certain as you can be about how you want to proceed.

How a small decision can snowball into an avalanche

Let’s look at the ways you may be responsible for construction delays. Every time you take your sweet time in answering an email or phone call from your project manager or owner’s representative, you stall the project. Every time you want to switch around where a door or window goes, or change the location of the main entrance, or install extra windows, or just be an overall pain in the behind, you stall the project.

Imagine that you decide to install an ornate exterior door to a hallway, where before, the corridor would only serve as a connection from one room to the next. Now you have to consider fire ratings materials, exit sign and additional sprinklers installations. This means additional piping. You may then have to move the location of light fixtures if they are obtrusive of the new piping. You have to install new wiring for the new light fixtures.

All of this would mean having to purchase additional materials, having to pay for additional labor costs, and possibly having to push back your grand opening.

So before you begin your project, sit down with your team and be sure that once you give them the green light, you are good to go. If you have any concerns about what would be the most effective design, or whether a specific idea is viable, talk to us. With all of our years of experience, chances are we can provide a solution that will make you happy. Let us show you how.